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What you should know about language immersion.

Time: 2014-08-29

Our human brain is formed of billions of synapses that communicate through electricity. Once a path has been formed, like every time something new is learned, a new connection is created. Every time something is learned again and again it becomes a stable, solid connection, like a bridge. That bridge can become so strong that connections become automatic and permanent. Think of it like your new born baby, who at birth had no sense of identity, culture or language. How did your baby learn Chinese? Because you taught them. While the brain is still flexible, before puberty, a baby can learn any language without an accent.. Immersion means learning a new language by living in that language. Studies have proven how effective immersion can be. Half-Immersion does not work as well, bilingual education does not offer the same results. Your baby will never lose their native language. They never lose who they really are. They can only add to who they already are. Great Man Dalian offers to give your baby English Immersion, so they can become equally capable in Western Culture as in their own native Chinese culture. The wonderful thing is they do not even realize they are learning, because they are too busy having fun, and being with their friends and their loving teachers. The other wonderful thing, is their future becomes all the more brighter, because they have something that no other baby around you will have.



This baby's brain will grow and work faster than the brain of the average child, because she has started learning a second language from a very young age.


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