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We are parents like you. We are interested in what other schools provide. Like you we visited dozens of them in countries abroad, then in the big cities of China, and finally here in Dalian. Every time we ask: “So what do you really teach at your school?”.


Great Man Dalian uses a unique 525 learning goals curriculum adapted from the theory of multiple intelligences created by Harvard PH.D Howard Gardner. The goals are based on serious research. Those goals include every aspect and characteristic of what a child should be able to do to be ready for elementary school. They are realistic goals so that children do not only know something, they become more skilled and able, and they canshow you and teach you what it is they have learned with us. Therefore we know we are truly making a lasting difference into a child’s life and giving them the advantage in an ever-evolving China.

Our Brochure about Multiple Intelligences & English Immersion.


Our Brochure about Comparison Between Multiple Intelligences & Montessori



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