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Our Chinese Staff at Great Man Dalian

Time: 2014-08-29

There is no greater wealth than the dedicated team work of outstanding individuals brought together for the sake of children.

Our Chinese staff is one of the most hardworking, energized group of young people with outstanding skills and a genuine love and devotion to children.


Staff List:


James - Bus Driver and Day Guard     Olivia - Nursing Teacher                   Anna - Teaching Assistant

John - Bus Driver and Day Guard       Emily - Nursing Teacher                   Christina - Teaching Assistant

Andrew - Night Guard                       Susan - Nursing Teacher                 George - School Chef

Peter - Night Guard                          Nancy - Nursing Teacher                  Lili - Bread Maker

Tina - Front Desk Receptionist           Lisa - Nursing Teacher                   

Angel - Front Desk Receptionist         Jane - Financial Officer                      

Mary - School Nurse                         Julie - Chinese Language Teacher

Julian - Nursing Teacher                    Sabrina - Teaching Assistant

Pam - Nursing Teacher                      Joccy - Teaching Assistant


Dora - Assistant to Foreign Staff and School Manager

May - Vice-Chinese Principal 
Annie - Chinese Principal



Julie - Chinese Language Teacher



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