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Our Foreign Staff at Great Man Dalian

Time: 2014-08-29

At Great Man Dalian we choose to invest where it makes the most difference, in the foreign teachers who are going to spend the most time with your children every day.

We worked really hard to find them.  We only accepted teachers with degrees in early education. We only accepted teachers from highly reputed English Speaking countries. What difference does it make? It means these are teachers who live for teaching. They have a lifetime dedication to children like yours. They are warm and loving. They are qualified in Western Education. Unlike any other school in Dalian, they spend all day with your child, from arrival until dinner time.  


Staff List


Lucy - Foreign Teacher | First Steps Class

Kylie - Foreign Teacher | Explorers Class

Mylene - Foreign Teacher | Adventurers Class

Andy - Foreign Teacher | Trailblazers Class


Marc - School Manager



                                            Andy - Trailblazers Foreign Teacher


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